The Traditional Annual Autumn Conference of
The Ukrainian Scientific Society of Otolaryngology
was held

October 3rd - 4th, 2016
in Kyiv city, Ukraine

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The Traditional Annual Spring Conference of
The Ukrainian Scientific Society of Otolaryngology
was held

May 16th-17th, 2016
in city of Odessa

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The XII Congress of Ukrainian Otorhinolaryngologists

was held

May 18th-20th, 2015
in Lviv city

   Proceedings of the conference   

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Historical Milestones

About four thousand doctors are united in the ranks of The Ukrainian Scientific Society of Otolaryngology.

The Society has a longstanding history. In 1935 Ukrainian Society of Otolaryngology was organized at the initiative of prof. A. Puchkovskiy and The Charter was prepared. According to The Charter, The Board had to be elected by the Congress only. Interim Board was led by prof. A.M. Puchkovskiy, and after his death in 1938 by prof. S.M. Kompaniyets. At The First Congress of Otolaryngologists of Ukraine, which was held in 1938 in Kharkiv prof. S.M. Kompaniyets was elected Chairman of The Society.

For years of The Second World War work of the Society was interrupted and the Second Congress of Otolaryngologists was held only in 1948. Prof. Schwartzberg, Head of the Otolaryngology Chair in Kiev Medical Institute, was elected Chairman of The Board.

Prof. Oleksij Kolomiychenko

Prof. Oleksij Kolomiychenko

In 1955, at the plenum of the Society Board prof. Oleksij Kolomiychenko was elected Chairman of the Board and led it until 1974. During this time, 3nd Congress was organized and held at Kyiv city in 1964 and 4th congress in 1972 .

Donetsk, 1977. The 5th Congress Congress of Otolaryngologists of Ukraine. Prof. I.A. Kurylina elected Chairman of the Board.

Kyiv, 1983. The 6th Congress Congress of Otolaryngologists of Ukraine. Prof. O.A. Yevdoschenko elected Chairman of the Board.

Odessa, 1989. The 7th Congress Congress of Otolaryngologists of Ukraine. Director of Kyiv Otolaryngology Institute prof. Dmytro Zabolotny elected Chairman of the Board. Delegates of 8th (Kyiv, 1995), 9th (Kyiv, 2000) and 10th Congresses (Sudak, 2005) unanimously confirmed the authority of prof. Dmytro Zabolotny as President of the Board.

Thanks to the active role of Academician of Ukraine National Academy of Medical Sciences prof. Dmytro Zabolotny, work of has the Society has improved considerably. Annual Spring and Autumn Otolaryngology Conferences became traditional, causing substantial interest in the Ukrainian medical society, attracted the attention and interest of foreign specialists.

Conferences allow The Society to perform its basic tasks: wide informing about the newest national and world science achievements for the improvement of Otolaryngology service, implementation of research results in everyday practice, assistance in the scientific and pedagogical staff training, broad participation in the certification of specialists.

The Ukrainian Scientific Society of Otolaryngology is issuing two specialty journals. The "Journal of ear, nose and throat diseases" was founded in 1924, but The Second World War interrupted its long production. Edition was restored only in 1959. Issuing of the “Rhinology” was started in 2002. It significantly accelerated the process of bringing scientific and applied information to consumers and thereby increase the value of information. Other information and reference materials being planned and published under the auspices of The Society, as well as preparation of Otorhinolaryngology manuals, guidelines, circulars, which greatly help physicians in their daily activities.

But the most important result of more than 70 years of The Society's activity is bringing together Otolaryngology specialists, creating an atmosphere of friendship, trust and goodwill between them. The Ukrainian Scientific Society of Otolaryngology promotes their professionalism, improves the highly skilled, highly specialized care in diseases of the ear, throat and nose.